The Ultimate College Packing List


As I see more and more photos of high school graduation, I can’t help but remember how excited I was to start college the second that I was handed my high school diploma.

Being the weirdo that I am, I started making lists, spreadsheets and ~dormspiration~ Pinterest boards months before I even moved into my college dorm. I watched so many dorm tours on YouTube and read so many blog posts that it was probably a little obsessive, but I was just way too excited. I love interior decorating and getting to design a new space was all I could focus on.

When it came to decorating my dorm, I wanted my small space to feel as homey as possible. With cinder block walls, generic dorm furniture and a long list of rules from the residence life office, this can seem daunting to some people, but there are so many ways to make your little room fit your style. I wish I had a picture of my neighbor’s room from freshman year, their dorm looked like an Upper East Side Manhattan apartment! Hands down the coolest dorm room I’ve ever seen and completely reflected the luxurious vibes that the girls gave off.


Freshman year dorm

For me, being from the West Coast meant that I could only bring from home were a few sentimental items and my clothes. The rest of all my college shopping was all done online or when I got to school. This was slightly stressful for me, being the over-planner that I am, but here are few things that made it easier.

The first tip that I have is to absolutely utilize the Bed, Bath & Beyond college Pack and Hold service. At the store in my hometown I got to go wild with a little scanner like they use for wedding registries. I got to pick out things that I wanted to be reserved for me when I got to the store in my college town. There is no commitment to buying anything, you just give them a date and a store location and they have everything that you scanned ready for you to choose from when you get there. It was super easy and made the whole college shopping process a lot less stressful!


Sophomore year dorm room

Something else that I learned was if I didn’t know if I really needed something or not, to skip it and decide later once I got acclimated to living in the dorms. With an Amazon Student account you have a free year of Prime, and if you need anything at all you can order it and have it within a few days! This forced me to figure out how to use the mailroom and make a few friends in package pickup.

All in all, it can be tough to adjust to living in the dorms, but it was so much fun. There is nothing like coming home after a tough day and having a roommate to talk with, or being bored and being able to bounce down the hallway to knock on your one of your best friend’s doors. In the dorms, there is always something to do and always someone to do it with. Although I can’t say that I miss sharing a shower with 30 other girls, but I do miss the constant companionship and excitement of my freshman dorm.

I hope this list can help you obsessive planning nerds like me gear up for some of the best times of your life! I can’t believe I am halfway done with college; I’d do anything to be a freshman all over again.

Forever Davidson Wilson 3rd floor!




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